If you experience any changes to your water supply or wastewater services such as those listed below (this is not an exhaustive list), please contact your local water wholesaler as soon as possible.

  • No water
  • Low pressure
  • Water quality issue
  • Mains or sewer flooding
  • Taste or smell issues
  • Burst mains
  • Local network outages
  • Contamination of local water
  • Leakage in the road or pavement

Wholesalers are responsible for ensuring clean water is supplied to your site and wastewater is taken away. They usually publish information about any planned and unplanned work on their websites.
Many allow you to do this on their website, but emergencies should always be reported on their emergency phone line. UK wholesaler contact numbers can be found below.

Water issue not related to wholesaler

If you think you have a leak and your wholesaler says there aren’t any water supply issues on their network, you’ll need to call a plumber to get it fixed as soon as possible.
Water Safe is a free online directory and national accreditation body for competent and qualified plumbers in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Water Safe

You simply type in your postcode to find your nearest Water Safe plumber.
Some wholesalers may offer a limited leak detection service close to the site of your meter if it is on public land or close to your property/land boundary. Please contact us to check if you would qualify.

Which industries would need emergency water

When your business has a dependence on water, it should have emergency planning in place. Wholesalers should be able to deliver emergency water, especially for vulnerable sites / industries like

  • Agriculture
  • Energy
  • Events
  • Food & Drink
  • Health
  • Hospitality
  • Hotels

Alternative water suppliers

If your wholesaler can’t deliver alternative water to your site and you need water to protect your business, contact Water Direct on 03453 451 725, an emergency water supplier. Please note that you’ll need to pay for their service.

Leakage allowances

If you’ve had a burst pipe on the private pipework supplying your site, have it repaired, and you meet the criteria for your wholesaler; we may be able to claim for a leakage allowance from your wholesaler to help reduce your bill.

To claim, send the following information to info@regentwater.co.uk and we will sort out whether you are eligible or not.

  • Who repaired the leak (e.g. plumber, yourself)?
  • The date of the repair
  • A plumber’s report or invoice and any other evidence, such as photos
  • A meter reading taken directly after the repair
  • A meter reading taken at least 14 days later

If you’re unsure whether you can apply for a leakage allowance, please email our friendly Customer Service team info@regentwater.co.uk.


You may only claim for 1 leak allowance every 12 months. Your claim must be submitted to your wholesaler within 6 months of the date of repair.

Taste or smell of water

For advice about taste and smell please see the leaflet on the Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI) website here.
Between 8.30am-5pm Monday to Friday, if you don’t know how to contact on 0845 241 2700 to report any issue and we will make the wholesaler aware. Outside of these hours, please contact your wholesaler directly on one of the numbers listed below.

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