Customer protection code of practice & Regulated pricing from 1 April 2020

Regent Water complies with the market rules outlined within the Customer Code of Practice which rules the market. We follow the below rules.

  • Fair, transparent and honest
  • Put you and other customers at the heart of their business
  • Use plain and clear language in communicating with you
  • Provide you with appropriate and timely information to enable you to make informed choices
  • Give you information that is complete, accurate and not misleading
  • Respond to you in an appropriate and timely manner
  • Have accessible and effective customer services

Our prices are absolutely clear and transparent. We simply pass on to clients our wholesale charges we have to pay plus a margin for us depending on the customer’s needs. Our profit making is always very clear. There are no hidden or extras fees.

At Regent Water, our prices are negotiated on a one-to-one basis and are bespoke for each customer tailored to their needs. However, for a specific group of customers on deemed contracts as outlined in the Customer Code of Practice, prices are set by the regulator OFWAT. These are customers new to the market who have been automatically allocated a retailer.

Details of the pricing arrangements for these customers can be found within the Retail Exit Code.

Customers on deemed contracts are free to negotiate a price package that suits their needs and opt in for a contract with Regent Water. If this applies to you so, please just get in touch at

You can find our standard Terms and Conditions here.

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