COVID-19 (coronavirus) advice & guidance for customers prior to reopening their business or using facilities

Before returning to your premises

Let us know you’re returning by sending us an email ( Once you have informed us that you have returned, you will start to receive regular scheduled bills again.

After returning to your premises

Provide us with two sets of meter readings, one week apart, to ensure we are billing you on accurate, up-to-date consumption.

Assess your water system

The first and most important thing to do when you return to your site is to make sure your water supply is safe. If your place of work has seen a significant reduction in water usage over the past few weeks this could lead several potential risks to health and environment as:

  • Microbiological regrowth (as chlorine levels in water drop over time)
  • Plumbing materials leaching into the water
  • Legionella
  • Taste, odour and discolouration

Flush your water system

The first thing to do should be to flush out your drinking water system when you return, starting with the tap nearest to where the water enters the building.

How to flush

We recommend you seek expert advice to establish a scheme of control and/or water safety plan to manage the water hygiene which tailored to your water system. You can find a water hygiene expert here.

Please read this document provided by Water UK. on how to manage these risks appropriately.

Should I arrange for a Legionella Risk Assessment?

Where the water system is quite complex, it’s a good idea to identify all parts of a water system and then establish schemes of control to manage each of those parts. If you are unsure then to be safe arrange for a Legionella Risk Assessment before you do anything with your system.
Further information Key advice and guidance:

  • WaterSafe approved plumbers –
  • Regulators and government bodies:
  • Standards available on:
    • BS 8580 - 1:2019 Water quality. Risk assessments for Legionella control. Code of practice
    • BS 8680 - Water quality – Water safety plans – Code of practice Not yet published
    • BS EN 806 - 2:2005 Specifications for installations inside buildings conveying water for human consumption.
    • PD 855468:2015 Guide to the flushing and disinfection of services supplying water for domestic use within buildings and their curtilages
    • BS 8558 (2015). Guide to the design, installation, testing and maintenance of services supplying water for domestic use within buildings and their curtilages
  • Information on legionella:
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